The Gift of Giving


A sentimental note about socks. Here at GoBros we are admittedly (proudly) obsessed with socks. We think, and talk about them, constantly. At work, and at home. Sorry spouses, sorry kids. It’s hard for us to imagine that sock talk could be boring, but we’re sure it can be.

Just as often (probably more) our thoughts travel beyond the product itself to our customers. When a gift order travels through our warehouse, we black-out price information manually so the recipient doesn’t know the cost. While doing this, we’ve found it difficult not to read the gift message itself. And while those messages are kept private, it is hard not to reflect a bit more.

Sometimes the messages are funny, sometimes wild, but also sometimes incredibly touching. Often it is not the words used, but instead the implication. The simple act of buying someone socks implies that you are being a caretaker. Socks are personal, signify warmth, support physical endeavors. Good socks (like the ones we sell) protect the wearer.

My Uncle recently underwent open heart surgery. I live in Minnesota, he is in New York. What did I do? Sent him a pair of the SW133’s. They are my favorite socks. They are also super warm (hospitals can be cold) and really cushioned (comforting). It just seemed right. Nice socks help balance that awful, clinical feeling that can be so hard to avoid. Socks, as a gift, mean to shepherd the patient in the direction of comfort–if even just a little. When you have been stripped of your health it is nice to know at least you’ve got good socks on.

We’ve also noticed sometimes sock gifts are a device for just checking in. “Let me know how these work. Plus, don’t slack off this semester….” type gift messages are common. Lots of socks go to military addresses and college campuses. I took a call recently from a Dad that purposefully sends socks to one daughter at the other daughter’s address so that the feuding siblings are forced to meet and exchange them. Agh, the power of socks–or, more aptly, loving Dads.

For the next few weeks, we will be sharing our ultimate gift guide series. To kick it off, here are some of my favorite gifts this season. Consider sending a pair along to someone that is important to you, regardless of the occasion. We know they will appreciate it even if they forget to say so (forgive the absent-minded college student, they are still learning).

My Top Gift Picks

Each of these items offer up amazing functionality, while still being fashionable enough to knock the recipient’s (old) socks off…which is convenient, because that makes it easier to put on her new, festive duds. Hurray for the season of giving!

Darn Tough Socks – Ladies Good Witch Light Socks DT1495

Darn Tough Socks


Stance Socks – Women’s Circuit Crew Socks W557C17CIR


Smartwool Socks – Women’s Ripple Creek Crew Socks SW010380


Fox River Socks – Unisex New American Ragg Wool Crew Socks 2489


Smartwool – Women’s Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom SW0NP225


Smartwool – Women’s NTS Micro 150 Pattern Crew SW0NP411


Smartwool – Isto Retro Beanie SW0SC236


Stay tuned for gift ideas for your favorite Runner, Hiker, and more!