Spring Fever

As sock people, we get to feel the seasons from a different perspective. Even before the ground thaws and the trees start budding and things start smelling fresh and new again (and, by the way, we’re in Minnesota, so these spring triggers are a little later up here than in most places) we start to notice a difference in the orders coming in.

The mountaineering and ski socks start tapering off. The cold weather running socks aren’t flying out the doors the way they were a few months ago.

Gradually the orders have shifted to lighter, shorter hiking, running, walking socks. Our customers are looking forward to biking outside again, and running in shorts. And playing tennis on an outdoor court.

Another thing we notice is that those cozy, warm colors that were so comforting during the winter aren’t quite as appealing anymore. They remind us of what was, not what will be. So naturally we’re drawn to the fresh, happy colors of spring.

Pink and yellow and green and orange. Bright and hopeful and enthusiastic.

Here is a bouquet of some of our favorites.

Happy outdoors.