More Than Socks: Winter Glove Guide

Imagine this. It’s the early hours of the morning as you head out of your house for work. You’ve had to park your car outside even though there have been below zero temperatures, before wind chill, all week. As you shuffle out to your vehicle, you realize that your keys are in the very bottom of your bag or pocket. Do you risk taking off your glove or mitten to retrieve your keys? Or do you attempt to shove your hand into your bag or pocket and continue to struggle for an additional three minutes? Here in Minnesota, unless you get to park inside a garage, this is a very real dilemma in which we find ourselves  during these bitter winter months.

Our main business at GoBros is socks, but we also have cold weather apparel and a wide variety of gloves and mittens. Since we’re still in winter and it could, literally, be months until we even think of spring, we’re gathered our favorite gloves, mittens, liners, and more to share!


Liner Gloves

Why would you wear a liner glove underneath your gloves? Are there any benefits? To be honest, it comes down to individual opinion! We have customers that are tried and true liner wearers and others who don’t care for them at all. The purpose of a liner glove is to offer an extra layer of protection from the elements, absorption of perspiration, and increased warmth. You would want the glove to fit snugly across the back and palm of your hand for total glove to hand contact but not stretched as tight as possible. Interested in trying them out? We have a few options!

Smartwool Liner Glove – SC300,
Available in Black, Silver Gray Heather, and Bordeaux Heather

Smartwool Striped Liner Glove – SC301
Available in Black, Aubergine/Berry, Glacial Blue Heather, Potion Pink, and Bordeaux Heather

Smartwool NTS Mid-250 Pattern Glove – SW018014
Available in Black, Glacial Blue Heather, and Mountain Purple Heather



Now, the real debate is which is better, gloves or mittens? Do you like to have your fingers touching or do you give them their space? Gloves allow for a wider range of movement for your fingers with greater dexterity. But, with the winds that come, your fingers could be left to fend for themselves. No matter, we have options from a pair to wear if your hands are a little cold, to pairs that will keep your hands warm on the coldest of days.


Smartwool Cozy Glove – SC305
Available in Black and Sumatra Brown – touch screen compatible


Smartwool Ridgeway Glove – SC556
Available in Black or Buck, great for working outside

Smartwool Stagecoach Glove – SW018015
Available in Bright Red or Black – Touch screen compatible

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves – Black 30570
Great for skiing and other mountain activities

Hestra All Mountain CZone Gloves – Black 31720
Windproof, waterproof, and breathable mountain gloves



For all the mitten lovers out there, we have options! But why should you go with mittens over gloves? Since your fingers are in the same part of the mitten, the mitten will trap the warmth. There is not as much room for the outside, cold air to get at your fingers. But, you may not be able to zip up your own coat.

Fox River Unisex Double Ragg Mitt – Brown Tweed 9988
Extra-weight premium ragg wool with a soft, plush terry liner

Smartwool Knit Mitt – SC252
Available in Silver Gray Heather or Black – Touch screen compatible

Smartwool Cozy Mitten – SC306
Lightweight, warm, touch screen compatible

Hestra Nordic Wool Mittens –  HES63921
Warm, knitted, Italian wool lining

Hestra Moon Light Mitten – Black 35121
Soft, breathable, perfect for a day on the slopes

For the best of both worlds…

Smartwool Cozy Flip Mitt – SC307
Best of both worlds; individuality of gloves, cozyness of mittens


**Not sure which size you need? Grab a tape measure and wrap it around your dominant hand,
below your knuckles and not including your thumb. Most gloves or mittens will be sized by inches or centimeters.**


Whether you live and die by mittens or maybe you’re wanting to give gloves a try, has what you need for these cold winter months.

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