Socks for Hikes at All Elevations

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Whether you’re hiking a local trail or taking on one of the most extreme hikes in the world, there’s no question that having the right gear is important. Mark Jenkins, and his wife, Sue, hiked a Lowest-to-Highest trek from Badwater, in Death Valley, to Mount Whitney. In the article written by Mr. Jenkins for Backpacker magazine, he tells of the history, struggle, and final success that comes with this treacherous hike,

“But wherever it’s unbearably hot or cold, high or dry, wet or windy, complacency is not an option. You must respect your surroundings and adapt to the conditions or you’ll wind up burned, frozen, or blown away.”

Most Extreme Hike in America from Backpacker magazine


Here at GoBros, we want you to #BeGreatOutdoors. By supplying the best brands with the best socks, we can help you take a step in the right direction. Maybe the direction is across the barren, dry, cracked earth that makes up Death Valley, or it’s just your favorite local trail. We’ve made a list of our favorite hiking socks that can get the job done in any climate or condition.


Our Recommendations

Low Elevation

Darn Tough Socks – Men’s Hiking Quarter Cushion – DT1905 – $17.95


Darn Tough – Ladies’ Hiking Quarter Cushion – DT1901 – $16.95


The 1905/1901 are perfect for hiking in the heat. The quarter height is tall enough to protect your ankles, but it’s also low enough that your lower leg doesn’t get too warm. Darn Tough socks are all moisture wicking which helps regulate temperature (S/O to the 65% Merino Wool!). And, if the socks don’t make the trip through the desert unscathed, there’s a Lifetime Guarantee to back it up; they’re that good.


Mid-level Elevation

Smartwool – Men’s Hiking Medium Crew Socks – SW130 – $18.95

Smartwool – Women’s Hiking Medium Crew Sock – SW294 – $18.95


These socks from Smartwool will keep you nice and warm on those mid-level elevation treks. With a medium weight and full cushion to help absorb the impact of the trail, your feet with thank you. It’s the perfect sock for a day hike when you just want to get out and experience the great outdoors.


High Elevation

Darn Tough – Men’s Mountaineering Extra Cushion Socks – DT1440 – $24.26

This sock is perfect for the high elevation and everything that comes with it. The full leg is going to keep you warm and protected from the elements. You’ll be thankful for a thick cushion on the bottom after the many miles to the summit.

Smartwool – Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew Socks – SW133 – $23.95

This sock, designed specifically for the long hikes in cold weather, is exactly what you need to cover those long treks. With 74% Merino Wool, your feet will thank you for the extra moisture wicking and temperature control.


Wherever your hikes may take you, remember to be prepared, be confident, and #BeGreatOutdoors.