Meet the Staff: Nicole

Folks, we have a special post for you today. Meet Nicole, a freelance sock puppet artist! She is the mastermind behind the amazing sock puppets that depict our staff. From the conception to final product, our sock puppets are one of a kind. They are the highlight of our office. We are so jazzed to share some fun facts and favorites about Nicole. Check her out!



What’s your favorite sock?  I LOVE ALL GOBROS SOCKS!! Seriously, so stylish, functional and apt for creativity 🙂 But if I must choose….I do like the Wigwam El Pine Socks F2044 Red Heather – because they’re classic in appearance and great for adventuring & Fox River Original Rockford Red Heel Monkey Socks 2-Pack 6851 Blue – because again, very classic and absolutely ready to monkey around.
What is your life motto?  Start carving away today, at the things in life you dream of experiencing, and be open to the endless unintentional adventures that abound. We are on this earth to explore and learn, so push yourself, beyond what you think you can, and you will find purpose and place, connection and fulfillment. You, and you alone are the captain of your ship, so plunge into the fathoms, ye sea dogs of life!
What is your go to breakfast food? The Breakfast burrito, ‘cause the tortilla is like a delicious sock for the nummy filling inside… (which in this analogy would be the foot, and not so tasty, but you pick up what I’m dropping right?).
If you won $1 million dollars, where would you spend it? In Minnesota – I’d buy 20 acres up north, build a beautiful little home for my familia, a big garage for my husband and a geodesic dome studio for my sock art!
 Where do you think missing socks go? My studio
If you could assign one Super-Power to your socks, what would it be? The power of teleportation, am I right!?
Pick a meme/GIF that best describes your feelings toward socks:

What’s your favorite quote?  “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”– Amelia Earhart


Isn’t she great?! We’re so lucky to have these amazing puppets and a new friend! Thank you, Nicole!

Remember to #BeGreatOutdoors
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