Meet the Staff: Katie

We are proud to be a small, family-run business. In honor of Mom and Pop Business Owners day, today we are highlighting one of our fearless leaders, Katie! VP Katie holds it down for us here in the Bold North.


What is one hobby/talent you wish you had?  A good singing voice
What is your greatest extravagance?  I spend a lot on organic food and vitamins. I also like nice soap.
Which type of socks are your favorite?  Soft, cushioned, warm

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What is your favorite YouTube clip?

Where is your ideal travel destination? India
What is your life motto? “Vulnerability does not mean weakness.” I also try to laugh as much as I can.
What is one change you want to see in this world? More compassion
What is your favorite winter of summer activity? I really love cross country skiing, and yoga is pretty great too.


There she is! We’re so lucky to be led by an awesome woman like Katie.

Stay tuned and #BeGreatOutdoors