In the Socklight

Balega Hidden Comfort

You may already be familiar with the Balega Hidden Comfort sock – it’s Balega’s most popular style and the number one selling specialty running sock in the country! Wow, impressive. But our Spotlight Sock is not just the Balega Hidden Comfort, it’s the Balega Hidden Comfort in a particular color – Macchiato.


Sounds yummy. But wait, what color is Macchiato? Good question, very good question. To us, it’s a rich, dark, full bodied Italian blend with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and raisin. Easy to spot in the drawer, very hard to look dirty or worn, or smell anything but invigorating. Too far?! Fair enough. What size would you like? Small, medium or large? Piccolo, medio o grande? And (I’m on a roll now, don’t even try to stop me) how about a double? Or triple? Tempting to have a pair of Macchiatos for every day of the week – that’ll make you get up and go for a run. Or a walk. To the coffee shop. But seriously, the Balega Hidden Comfort is an amazing sock. Comfortable, cushioned and supportive for any activity. And Macchiato is just plain delicious.



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