The Skinny on Drymax Socks

Keep Your Feet Dry with Drymax

Drymax socks

Do you struggle with keeping your feet dry during your run or hike? If so, Drymax socks may be just the thing you are looking for. While running or hiking, moisture can lead to painful blisters, odor causing bacteria and overall discomfort. Drymax has developed a technology to help combat sweat, rain or even getting splashed by that unexpected car during your morning run (been there).

The Moisture Problem

Beyond causing dreaded blisters and smelly socks, did you know that moisture will pull heat away from the skin 23 times faster than air? Reducing your body temperature so rapidly that wet feet become cold and more susceptible to frostbite or non-freezing cold injury.

If you have tried a high-performance fabric, but it is locking in moisture against your skin, here is why. Many high-performance fabrics are Hydrophilic (water liking) because they have positive and negative charges on their surface. This attracts the negative and positive charges of the water or sweat molecules. Without properly ventilated shoes to allow the evaporation process to take place, the moisture may become locked next to your skin.

The Drymax Solution

Drymax Technology consists of two opposite types of fiber technologies that are interwoven together to form an inner and outer layer. The inner layer features Super Hydrophobic Fiber Technology (moisture repelling). The outer layer is moisture attracting, which will pull the moisture from the inner layer and away from the skin. Drymax socks work in all types of footwear and weather conditions, leaving you with the #1 sock to keep your feet dry no matter what.


Drymax backs their claims with a Dry and Comfortable Guarantee. If you do not agree that your feet feel drier and more comfortable, you can return your socks to Drymax with the sales receipt for a full refund. Learn MoreĀ here.



Drymax Socks Based on Activity


Drymax Run Hyper Thin No Show Socks – Black DR1221

Featuring ultra-light density, the Run Hyper Thin No Show is for the runner who loves a minimalist feel.


Drymax Running Mini Crew Socks – White DR0773

The Running Mini Crew is a medium density, multi-purpose running sock for all weather conditions.


Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks – Gray DR1336

The Cold Weather Run Crew is a mid-density running sock made specifically for cold conditions. Although classified for those cold weather runners, we think it makes a great hiking sock, too.



Drymax Light Trail Mini Crew Socks – Gray/Black DR1299

Featuring a medium density design, the Light Trail Mini Crew socks are great for Trail Runners and Hikers alike. With a special turndown cuff option, you can change between a 1/4 crew or mini crew height, depending on the day, weather, or outfit. The double welted leg design provides protection against dirt and any debris you may kick up along the trail.


Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Run Quarter-Crew Socks – Gray/Orange DR1212

The Maximum Protection Trail Quarter Crew Socks is designed for those who go the distance. With a mid-density protection level, the DR1212 is ideal for long distances and races.

Work & Dress

Drymax Work Crew Socks Black DR2482

Featuring a high-density design, these socks will keep you protected throughout the day. Designed to seamlessly work with your work boot, the Work Crew is ideal for those on their feet all day.


Drymax Dress Crew Socks – Black DR5002

The Dress Crew is a medium density sock that looks just as good as it performs.


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